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Cloth napkins are more durable. Cloth napkins are not a one-time-use and toss item. They cover way beyond one spill and can even last beyond one meal.Even used to the maximum capacity, cloth napkins end up in the hamper, not trash, which means cloth napkins can be used and washed and reused until they shrivel apart, and even then they can become heavy duty rags. Less trash = better for the environment.

Although you might want to have something more fancy for dinner parties or special occasions, remember that these everyday napkins are meant to wipe messy faces. A well-loved napkin will be soft and stained. With the energy and water used in washing and drying, isn't it actually more environmentally friendly to use paper napkins instead of cotton?Cloth napkins not only use water in washing and a lot of energy in drying but the making of them is also not insignificant. Cotton is a highly irrigated crop that also requires a lot of biocides and defoliant chemicals

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