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Kichen Towels

Kitchen towel varieties exist in numerous patterns, colors and prints. A kitchen towel can refer to numerous types of towels that can be found in or purchased for the average kitchen. Typical towels, especially those called dishtowels, are rectangular in shape and may be approximately 24 inches by 18 inches.Size can vary greatly. The term kitchen towel can refer to either a dish towel.

These sets are perfect for any gifting occasion for ether male or female. Made from 100% cotton, we recommend washing at 30 degrees, these aprons can be ironed and tumble dried. Some people argue there is advantage to keeping towels separate. They don't want to wipe their hands on counter towels. This is largely a matter of preference, and provided the towel is clean, and hasn't been used to mop up things like chicken blood, it's usually fine to use it.

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